Cooling System 99.6% Ammonium Hydroxide Liquid In Cylinders -77.73 °C Melting Point

Where to Buy High 99.6% Liquid Anhydrous Ammonia in Cylinders for Cooling System




Ammonia is not a common refrigerants, mainly is suitable for the industrial and heavy commercial applications.Ammonia toxicity, flammability and material compatibility must be taken into account.At the same time, the world has a lot of ammonia system, these challenges have been successfully solved.environment.


1. The energy efficiency

Ammonia is one of the most effective application, application ranges from low to high temperatures.With the increasing attention to energy consumption, ammonia system is safe and sustainable future.Usually, submerged ammonia system efficiency is higher than DX R404A 15-20%.NH3 and CO2 in combination with the latest progress will help to further improve efficiency.NH3 / CO2

Cascade for low temperature and low temperature applications (less than 40 'C) is very effective, and NH3 / CO2

Brine system efficiency is about 20% higher than traditional brine

2. Environmental

Ammonia is the most environmentally friendly refrigerants.It belongs to the so-called "natural" refrigerant group, has zero GWP (global warming ozeme depletion potential) and the ODP (ozone depletion ozeme depletion potential).

3. The security

Ammonia is a toxic refrigerants, in certain concentrations is flammable.This is why must be careful to deal with, all of the ammonia system must consider the safety.At the same time, unlike most other refrigerants, it has peculiar smell, even at very low concentrations can be detected by a human.Even slight ammonia leakage occurs, will give warning signals.If it is necessary to reduce the amount of loading ammonia, ammonia and carbon dioxide (cascade or salt water) combination may be a good and effective choice.

4. The smaller pipe size

In the vapor and liquid ammonia need to be less than in most chemical refrigerant pipe diameter.

5. Better heat transfer

Ammonia than most chemical refrigerant has better heat transfer performance, so you can use the heat transfer area of the smaller devices.So the factory construction cost is reduced.But because of these features also promotes the thermodynamic efficiency of system, and also reduce the operation cost of the system.

6. Price of refrigerant

In many countries, the cost of ammonia (per kg) is much lower than the cost of HFCS.The advantages of even multiplied by ammonia in the liquid phase has lower density of the facts.In addition, as a result of the ammonia smell will soon detected any leaks, so any possible loss of refrigerant will also be reduced.


Purity 99.8 % by weight minimum.
Water / Moisture 0.2 % by weight maximum
Oil 5 PPM.
Packaging Packed in 50 Kg capacity cylinders.
Weight Gross Weight : 122 ±2 kg
Tare weight of cylinder : 72 ±2 kg
Cylinder Dimensions Thickness : 6 mm.
Height with cap : 1250 mm
Outer Diameter : 368 mm
Water Capacity 100 lts.
Bottling Capacity 200 cylinder per day i.e 10 MT.




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